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Health Tips To Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

If you have concerns over your risk of developing prostate cancer then its stands to reason that you’re interested in learning about prevention. While medical science has yet to find a proven method in preventing prostate cancer, you may be able to reduce your risk of by making healthier choices, such as exercising and eating a healthier diet. In general, doctors recommend that men with an average risk of prostate cancer should make choices that will benefit their overall health

Start with a healthy diet

There is some evidence to suggest that choosing a healthier diet which is significantly lower in fat and consisting of fruits and vegetables may contribute to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. However given the conflict among some studies this hasn’t been entirely proven.

Start with a low fat diet

Reduce the amount of fat you eat each day by limiting your intake of fatty foods or by choosing foods that are lower in fat. Start by selecting leaner cuts of meat, and switching to low-fat or reduced-fat dairy products. By reducing the amount of fat you eat each day you can better control your weight and improve your heart health.

Increase the fruits and vegetables you eat

Fruits and vegetables are both full of vitamins and nutrients that are believed to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Try adding an additional serving of both to each meal and consider them for your snacks as well.


Instead of having that steak try eating more fish. In particular fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and herring which all contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is a fatty acid that has been linked to reducing the risk of prostate cancer. If fish isn’t your thing flaxseed is another way of getting your Omega-3.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obese or overweight men who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. You can also maintain a healthy weight and decrease your risk by reducing the amount of calories you eat each day. In addition to increasing your daily physical activity.


Past studies have shown that men who engage in regular physical activity may have reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer. Besides managing your weight exercise also has additional health benefits such as reducing your risk of heart disease. Try adding at least 30min of physical activity to your routine each day.

For many men because of factors out of their control such as age and race have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. For those individuals that possess a higher risk, there may be other options to consider for risk reduction, such as taking medications. You can discuss all of your options and concerns of risk at length with your doctor. Reducing your risk of prostate cancer starts with being informed and making healthier choices.

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