Why Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Have to Be Personalized

Why Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Have To Be Personalized – Dr. David Samadi


According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) approximately 14 percent of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime, based on 2010-2012 data. The NCI estimates in 2016, approximately 180,890 new cases will be diagnosed and an estimated 26,120 men will die from the disease.

“Men come in scared not knowing what is out there to treat and fight back his prostate cancer” says Dr. David Samadi. ”There are excellent treatment options available and if prostate cancer is discovered in its early stages, patients have a 98.9 percent survival rate.”

“When I first see a man diagnosed with prostate cancer, the method of treatment will depend on many factors,” explained Dr. Samadi. “I consider the man’s age, staging of the cancer and its location and his overall health. Tailoring a treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs is necessary to have the best outcome.”

One option a man and his doctor may decide to do is called active surveillance. This is the decision not to treat prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis based on the man’s age, health condition and the rate of growth of the cancer.

Prostate cancer needing more aggressive treatment depends upon the expected rate of growth, staging and other factors. The doctor may decide to choose one type of therapy or a combination to beat back the cancer. His choices range from the da Vinci prostatectomy, radiation therapy, Cyberknife SBRT procedure, IMRT procedure, seed implant procedure, or hormone therapy.

“All men need to be familiar with their bodies and know signs and symptoms when something doesn’t seem right,” said Dr. Samadi. “But with prostate cancer there often may not be many symptoms or they seem vague and unimportant. Be your own health advocate. The best way to fight off this potential killer is to get regular checkups,understand the prostate and prostate cancer and find a urologist who will guide you through the battle every step of the way.”

Patients newly diagnosed with prostate cancer can contact world renowned prostate cancer surgeon and urologic oncologist, Dr. David Samadi, for a free phone consultation and to learn more about prostate cancer risk, call 212-365-5000

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