Prostate Cancer 911


Reflecting on life, I have come to realize just how precious it is, and how in a split second, it could change drastically and not for the better.  After all, “we are just visiting here.”

I am in the autumn of my career in the telecommunications industry, with nearly 46 years of service.  Over the course of my career, I have worked side-by-side with many wonderful people. Unfortunately, many have passed on, mostly from cancer, and way before their time. Their pictures hang in our reporting room where we gather every day, in memory.  I, a cancer survivor, realize how fortunate I am to have had the winning combination of faith, as well as you, as my doctor. While my lab results are of the utmost importance, you have always stressed the importance of family in the recovery process.  You are never too busy to take the time to ask how I am doing and to check in on my family as well. As you are aware, I come from out of state and look forward to my good visits. I was thrilled to see you in the September issue of New York Magazine, Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors.  I now can put a face with a name and tell my friends and family “this is the man who saved my life.”  Thank you for giving me a second chance.


David Elliott, 64 years old

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