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Slowing The Progression Of Prostate Cancer By Reducing Obesity and Inflammation

Medical experts agree that, while it’s not guaranteed proof against illness, having a healthy body will lead to a longer and healthier life. However, new research out of Japan’s Osaka University has revealed the relationship between obesity, inflammation, and the progression of prostate cancer.

Directly Proportionate

The scientific study, which was recently published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research, found that the type of general inflammation that routinely accompanies obesity may have a directly proportionate contribution to the development and progression of prostate cancer. More particularly, it’s obesity and inflammation caused by high-fat diet, or HFD, that is the ultimate culprit according to university researchers.

Takuji Hayashi, the lead author of the study, explained that clinical trials in which a specific anti-inflammatory drug was administered to mice that were fed an HFD showed less analogous tumor growth than those that were not given the drug. Hayashi also said that the study also was able to correlate specific cell-signaling proteins known as cytokines that may be associated with tumor growth.

Good News About the Bad News

Identifying that an HFD leads to obesity and the kinds of inflammation that encourages prostate tumor growth is obviously bad news for men that suffer from obesity, as this means the likelihood of being diagnosed with prostate health issues is likely higher. However, the good news is that this new research study has helped not only identify this vulnerability in a definitive manner, it has the potential to provide better prophylactic treatment options.

In other words, men who do suffer from obesity have even more impetus to ensure that they transition away from an HFD. Those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer may also benefit from being prescribed anti-inflammatory medication such as those used in the research study to discourage tumor growth. With lifestyle choices having such an effect on men’s health, any positive changes men can take to minimize the impact of prostate issues is one to consider.

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