September Is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: By Dr. David Samadi

Celebrate September by first knowing what your PSA is at the baseline of 40.  Have a conversation with your doctor and find out whether you need a biopsy or not.  We are always here for you.  For a free consultation and as a way to give back and give you the right information, call 212-365-5000.

My name is Dr. David Samadi.  I’m the chair of Urology here at Lenox Hill Hospital and I’m proud to be able to help men out there and save many of them and their families.  Thank You.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. To all the men who turned 40 this year, get your baseline PSA blood test with your primary doctor or see a urologist. This screening has saved thousands of men from prostate cancer which affects over 233,000 men each year. Get tested.

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