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Risk Factors That Can Contribute To The Development Of Erectile Dysfunction

While aging is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), it can also be an indicator of and can be associated with other health related problems. Many men however are surprised to learn that it’s their lifestyle habits that can have a significant impact on erectile dysfunction. With that in mind, here are risk factors that can raise your risk of developing ED.


Long-term smoking or passive exposure to smoke may cause ED by harming the penile vascular system. Smoking may be an independent risk factor for erectile dysfunction, particularly erectile dysfunction caused by vascular disease, and it may also contribute to other causes of erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol Consumption

Excessive drinking is one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction. It can inhibit erectile functioning by causing a restriction in blood flow to the penis and affect production of the male hormone testosterone, affecting sex drive and erection.

Inactive Lifestyle

If you want to reduce your chance of getting ED, simply get yourself off the couch. Regular exercise can help to make sure that when the time comes, you’re ready.


Diabetes is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Blood vessel and nerve damage are both common complications of diabetes. When the blood vessels or nerves of the penis are involved, erectile dysfunction can result. Diabetes is also associated with heart disease and chronic kidney disease, other risk factors for ED.


Certain types of medications may severely impact your ability to get or maintain an erection. Antihistamines, antidepressants and blood pressure drugs have been linked to ED. Consult your physician if you think any of your medications may be causing any issues for you.


It can be difficult to get in the right mood when you’re overwhelmed with responsibilities both at work and at home. Stress can take its toll on many different parts of your body, including your penis. Deal with stress by making lifestyle changes that promote well-being and relaxation, such as exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and seeking professional help when appropriate.

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