Prostate Cancer 911


Early in December before the Holidays, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I did not want Rainbow distracted by this devastating news, so I decided to pursue my options privately. I consulted with several of New York’s top talent and decided on Dr. David Samadi who is one of the top robotic surgeons. They called last week to say they had an opening Monday.

So I caught Monday’s status morning meeting, jumped on the A train at noon and checked into the facility at Columbia. Dr. Samadi greeted me in his digital robotics operating room at 3 PM. Laying on the table I was admiring the size of the place and the array of high tech gear and that is all I remember except waking up in the recovery room. I spent the night at the hospital and was released Tuesday at 2 PM less than the 24 hours Dr. Samadi said it would take. I walked out on my own two feet and now I at my home office writing this email. Yes, I’m a bit tired, but that will only take a few days to recover. The important news is the cancer is gone with nearly 100% certainty.

I spent the last twenty years developing and promoting digital technology to artists in the media industry. That technology fundamentally changed the way films, music and videos are made. I am now a witness to the potential for change that digital technology can make in the medical industry in the hands of artists like Dr. Samadi.  The potential is Amazing!

R.H | United States

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