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Potential Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer To Be Concerned About

When a man initially develops prostate cancer it can typically take some time for any noticeable symptoms to develop. As with most other forms of cancer, it is much easier to treat in the earlier stages when it is isolated, making early detection and knowledge critical for men. The symptoms of prostate cancer are different for each man so never rule out the possibility that some of these symptoms may be caused by another illness. When the disease advances into its later stages, the following early warning signs can emerge:

Difficulty Urinating

A common sign of prostate cancer is having difficulty urinating. This is often accompanied by decreased force in the urine stream and even discomfort when you begin to urinate. It can often be challenging to begin or stop urinating when using the restroom.

Blood In The Urine (Hematuria)

Not necessarily a common sign, but definitely something that you want to have checked out and discussed during a visit to the doctor. Other causes for blood in the urine could be issues such as infections in the bladder or prostate, or from kidney stones. Please note that tumors located in the prostate, bladder, or kidney might cause this symptom as well.

Loss Of Bladder Control

Many men may be embarrassed to lose control of their bladder or bowel, which is often caused by cancer pressing on the spinal cord. Men may also feel their legs and feet become numb due to the pressure. Loss of bladder control can occur more frequently when laughing or coughing.

Frequent Pain

Prostate cancer tends to spread around the lower back, hip and pelvic region. If you are experiencing any unexplained pain or discomfort in these areas then it is worth getting it checked out. This pain tends to feel deeper than other reasons for pain in these areas and it is advised that any pain that doesn’t diminish is a valid reason to see your doctor.

Leaking Or Dribbling Urine

This is a symptom that isn’t usually spoken about, but if you are noticing that it’s taking you longer to finish urinating or that there is leakage before you make it to the bathroom, then this could be an indication of prostate cancer. A simple visit to your doctor can help to determine whether it may just be due to an overactive bladder.

If you are currently experiencing any of these early warning signs, it is highly recommended that you immediately contact your doctor and undergo a medical examination in order to determine if there is in fact anything wrong. Regardless of whether you suspect anything or not, it pays to check!


Dr. David Samadi | Robotic Prostate Surgeon


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