Plant-based diets may keep prostate cancer progression under control, says new study

Plant-based diets may keep prostate cancer progression under control, says new study

For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, the fear of disease progression looms large. However, recent research suggests that adopting an eating pattern of including plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains could be a powerful ally in slowing down the advancement of this disease.

The study, featured in JAMA Network Open, sheds light on the significant benefits of a plant-based diet for men battling prostate cancer. It reveals that individuals who consume a high proportion of plant-based foods may slash their risk of cancer progression by nearly half compared to those with lower intake levels.

Embracing a predominantly plant-based diet not only holds promise for prostate cancer-specific outcomes but also offers a myriad of other health advantages. Reduced rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and lower overall mortality rates, are some of the benefits to expect. Even small shifts towards incorporating more plant-based foods and reducing animal-based consumption can yield substantial benefits—suggesting that every plant-forward choice counts.

Prostate Cancer in the U.S

Prostate cancer remains a prevalent concern among American men, ranking as the second most common cancer after skin cancer. With an estimated 299,010 new cases projected for 2024 and approximately 35,250 expected deaths, the impact of this disease is profound. While most cases occur in men aged 65 and older, dietary interventions hold promise across all age groups.

Study Insights and Impact

The study encompassed over 2,000 men (average age 65) with nonmetastatic prostate cancer, providing valuable insights into dietary patterns and their influence on disease progression. Over an average follow-up of 6.5 years, the findings revealed a notable correlation between plant-based consumption and favorable outcomes. Men with the highest intake of plant-based foods demonstrated a remarkable 47% reduction in the risk of cancer spreading, underscoring the potency of dietary choices in influencing disease trajectory.

Furthermore, the data hinted at an inverse relationship between plant-based consumption and prostate cancer-related mortality, although precise estimations were elusive. Notably, even modest dietary modifications—such as incorporating nearly two extra servings of vegetables, additional fruits, and whole grains daily—showed tangible benefits in mitigating disease progression.

Realizing the Potential

Translating these findings into everyday choices, a standard serving of fruit or vegetables can pack a punch in promoting prostate health. Whether indulging in a medium-sized apple or savoring half a cup of cooked brown rice, each serving contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Notably, individuals with higher plant-based intake also reported reduced consumption of animal-based foods, further accentuating the holistic benefits of a plant-centric diet.

The Path Forward

Why does a plant-based diet wield such therapeutic potential? It’s rooted in the abundance of phytochemicals and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, which play a pivotal role in safeguarding cellular health and thwarting disease progression.


In summary, the evidence is clear: embracing a plant-based diet can serve as a potent weapon in the fight against prostate cancer progression. By gradually shifting towards plant-centric eating habits, men can enhance their prostate health and enjoy a better quality of life, encompassing improved sexual and urinary function and heightened vitality. It’s a win-win scenario that underscores the transformative power of dietary choices in shaping health outcomes.

Dr. David Samadi is the Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Long Island. He’s a renowned and highly successful board certified Urologic Oncologist Expert and Robotic Surgeon in New York City, regarded as one of the leading prostate surgeons in the U.S., with a vast expertise in prostate cancer treatment and Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy.  Dr. Samadi is a medical contributor to NewsMax TV and is also the author of The Ultimate MANual, Dr. Samadi’s Guide to Men’s Health and Wellness, available online both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit Dr. Samadi’s websites at robotic oncology and prostate cancer 911. 


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