Prostate Cancer 911


Dr. Samadi is an exceptional physician and surgeon. I am an executive in the health care field and I can recognize high competence when I see it. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has any urological issues especially if dealing with prostate cancer and contemplating robotic surgery.
He saved my husband’s life twice. The first time he performed robotic surgery due to prostate cancer and my husband came out perfect from the surgery. He did not experience urination, nor sexual dysfunction issues.

My husband has been going for regular check ups ever since. This year my husband skipped a visit which was due in May and received a call to go for a check up. We were due to leave for Europe in a few days and my husband responded that he would go after our return. Dr Samadi insisted that he come for his yearly check up and rearranged his schedule to accommodate him within a few days in spite of his heavy patient load. Upon the visit blood was found in my husband’s urine, he had a very large stone that was causing his urine to back-flow into his blood stream. If we had gone on vacation, my husband could have died due to toxicity caused by the back-flow of urine in his blood.

Immediately I obtained an appointment to see Dr. Samadi. Meanwhile, I learned that cancer of the prostate is slow-growing cancer but in my case it was not; in a short time my prostate was full of cancer.   The prostate must be removed before cancer exits the prostate to have a better chance for a cure.

To ensure that we would not cancel our vacation, Dr. Samadi gathered a surgical team within 2 days and opened the operating room on a Saturday to accommodate my husband. He told us he had not performed surgery on a Saturday in a very long time. After reading many negative comments I fully disagree with those who state that Dr. Samadi is all about money. I think he makes a good living and does not need to come in on his day off to accommodate a patient whose insurance is of a normal fee. I think he is genuine and truly cares about his patients. He is also a guru and a pioneer on robotic surgery. He is known internationally and has appeared as a physician consultant for Fox news.

He has exceptional bedside manners and is an outstanding physician.

Miss L. United States

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