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Is Prostate Cancer Affecting Your Family?

Patients are not the only ones who are affected by prostate cancer results. Prostate cancer can also have a significant impact on the family as well. Loved ones can experience a feeling of anxiety when treatments are being discussed. Any physical demands, emotional stress, or financial challenges may give them a sense of feeling overwhelmed. Spouses can deal with depression, frustration, or a feeling of disconnect with intimacy as well. Couples can face the daily challenges of having to help boost their significant other’s self-esteem throughout this process.

The following will provide some key elements you and your family can implement on how to confront challenges of dealing with prostate cancer.

Find Support

There is a number of support groups or therapy options to get through these tough situations. Encourage your loved one to attend a support group gathering, join an online support community, or seek out some prostate cancer programs and resources to discuss their feelings and concerns with others who are or have experienced similar circumstances.


Take time to be well informed about prostate cancer and treatment options. The more you know the less stress you will feel. Many websites offer an overview of information and may also answer any questions you can later discuss with your health provider.


Be sure to listen and be understanding to any feelings without judgment. Try not to pressure your husband to discuss his feelings before he is ready.


Allow yourself to just be present, knowing that you are there and you can make a great difference to his emotional well-being. Ask your loved one if he would like for you to attend his doctor appointments with him. Males often dislike discussing their health issues, so help them be open to your company in the room by remaining calm. Be ready with questions to ask his doctor. Be sure to find out what side effects, if any may occur after treatment and how they may affect the quality of life for him and others.


Enjoy life and de-stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your family. Prostate cancer does not have to negatively affect your family life. Stay encouraged throughout this process with the guide of open communication with your Doctor.

If you find yourself in any of these situations know that there is help. If you are a spouse take this time to get closer to your husbands. In-depth conversation and encouragement throughout this process can help you and your family see it through.

Dr. David Samadi | Robotic Prostate Surgeon

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