Prostate Cancer 911


Thank you so much for your skill as a world-class specialist doctor. One of the best in the field in the world if not The Best. Thank you for your ability to organize your team to take care of a patient in a way I felt at that uneasy time, when I heard that diagnosis, and I was not sure at that point what will happen to me and my family.  Thank you again and again for being who you are.

              Before I called your office, I was a patient of another good doctor. But his office operation was terrible. It took weeks before I could talk to somebody on the phone to set up an appointment. Then they did not file documents with my insurance company on time, causing denials and appeals. His hospital surgery coordinator screwed up the approval numbers, so I was rejected on the day of procedure while being on the way to the hospital… I told the doctor I cannot and will not deal with his screwed-up staff any longer. The last straw in the pile of problems was when some character on the phone with attitude and irritation told me: “You are not the only one here!”… Suggesting I should shut the hell up and stop complaining I cannot talk to the doctor or his assistant directly for weeks and weeks about problems his bunch of “receptionists” causing… That was the end of my experience with that “medical operation”.

              Sixteen years ago, my army buddy and later my brother-in-law was diagnosed with the same problem, and he was operated on by somebody by the name David Samadi. At that time our family doctor Boris Livshits, who did discover the problem in the first place and then did research and “homework” for him, said to my brother-in-law: “For the surgery you will go to this guy. He is doing something new and absolutely differently”. That’s how the name of David Samadi became known in my family. For years and years after that surgery my brother-in-law and my sister are the best testimony of success of what Doctor Samadi did – my brother-in-law’s and my sister’s (which is probably even more important 😊) quality of life could not be better.

              Who could know that sixteen years later I will need to google up David Samadi’s number and make that call? The difference speaks for itself. Within 24 hours I have got 8(!) phone calls from Madison and Long Island offices helping me to fill out and submit at the comfort of my home all the paperwork, questionaries, etc. and afternoon the next day I had a zoom tele-appointment with you, Doctor Samadi. The week later I had in-person appointment in the Madison office right on time, and process of my future healing and recovery was discussed, explained and scheduled…

Dr. David Samadi’s team at St. Francis Hospital

              Dear Doctor Samadi… The group of people you assembled to take care of your patients and me as one of them – is just exceptional. From that first call to your Madison office and later to the Admittance in St. Francis Hospital, the surgical team, recovery room, all the doctors, nurses and assistants, emergency room staff, where I had to come the week after the surgery, the Lab – all the people in the team working with you are just exceptional group of people. It was a real pleasure to see and feel how people are doing their job. I understand that under the circumstances the word “Fun” was kind of out of line, but when I was asked what is the most important for me today a little later after the surgery – my answer was “to have fun”. The way people are talking to you, the way people are listening to you, the way people are taking care of you – I could feel the difference. Sorry I can not remember names of each and every person in your team – at a time I was sleepy, drugged or in pain – but I want to thank Ann, Annette, Fher, Aida, Jennifer, Erika, Tammy, Paul, Trish, Dr. Uriel Yagudaev, Danny from ER, Lena, Alex and all the guys and girls who took care of me there. I know that all those people who are working for you – they are working for you not accidentally. All of you – you and your team of dedicated people – working together for a great reason. You all working for a patient. You all working for me as one of those patients. I say that absolutely sincerely. At some point Uriel asked me: “Why did you come all the way from Jersey to this Hospital?”. And I said: “I go where Doctor Samadi goes”. Ask him.

              Thank God I was in the right place at the right time, and I was taken care of by the right group of people. Thank you, Doctor Samadi, for being a great doctor you are, and for assembling that great group of people, and thank all the members of your great group who help you to do what you are doing.

God bless.

Steven Rickelman

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