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Coffee: The Secret to Fighting Drug-Resistant Prostate Cancer?

Caffeine addicts might have some good news thanks to a new research study detailing how certain chemical compounds in coffee can help protect against certain types of drug-resistant prostate cancer.

A Cup of Joe a Day May Keep Prostate Cancer Away

A group of researchers at Kanazawa University in Japan have discovered that a pair of specific compounds, typically found in good old-fashioned coffee, seem to have the ability to slow the growth of certain types of prostate cancer tumors. Specifically, in this case, scientists tested two active chemicals found in Arabica known as kahweol acetate and cafestol, finding that drug-resistant prostate tumors grow much more slowly when exposed to these chemicals.

The study, which was recently published in the journal The Prostate before having its findings presented at the latest congress for the European Association of Urology in Barcelona, focused on the effects both substances had on prostate tumor cells implanted in mice. Researchers found that treating tumors with either cafestol or kahweol acetate slowed their growth when compared to the control set — and that treating tumors with both substances slowed growth even further. This shows strong evidence that both chemicals have a synergistic effect.

Any Excuse for a Cup of Coffee

While it’s obviously a bit early to declare coffee the secret ingredient in defeating prostate cancer, this new research (and other, similar types of research) does indicate that there are many untapped opportunities to use the chemicals that naturally occur for purposes beyond waking you up in the morning. There are still so many different variables in play especially since how you brew a cup of coffee can change the chemical properties of that coffee — and often in drastic ways.

More work obviously needs to be done here, and that includes eventually investigating the idea of human trials sometime in the future. In the meantime, though, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional cup of coffee as long as you don’t overdo it. Coffee’s still not exactly considered a health drink, whether or not you’re worried about having to deal with a prostate cancer diagnosis — at least not yet!

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