Choosing Prostate Cancer Treatment

Michael, a 51 year old who works in the financial industry talks about how he was diagnosed, the difficulty he had filtering out the excessive and confusing information posted online about treatment options & his prostate cancer journey.

Michael was informed by his insurance company that his PSA was high when he was in the process of updating his life insurance policy & a blood test performed by a Urologist confirmed this.

A visit to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center resulted in further blood work, biopsy & CAT scan. ‘The doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering didn’t go in to detail and he was quick to recommended HIFU which was off-putting’ says Michael. He also found out that HIFU was experimental & Cyberknife Radiation Treatment for prostate cancer was eliminated off the list due to the risks involved.

Dr. David Samadi’s name came up when Michael was researching further about safe prostate cancer treatment options as the doctors were giving out various options and leaving the treatment decision to him, the patient. Surgery was something Michael didn’t want to consider originally. However the experience, expertise & positive reviews from past patients of Dr. Samadi convinced Michael to schedule an appointment with him.

The moment Michael entered Dr. David Samadi’s office on Madison Avenue he felt extremely comfortable and states that his experience was 1st class. Dr. Samadi was very precise and clear with his diagnosis and treatment recommendation which was very different to the experience he had at other treatment facilities. The Robotic Prostate Surgery Dr. Samadi performed was seamless & Michael confirms that the treatment facilities and Dr. Samadi’s staff are exceptional and incomparable to everything else he experienced.

Michael recommends that all men do their own research, filter through all the information posted online about available treatment options and make an informed choice. He encourages all men to talk to Dr. David Samadi before finalizing their treatment option as it could be a life changing decision.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology & Robotics Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He’s also a Fox News Medical-A-Team Contributor.

Dr. David Samadi Prostate Cancer Center is situated at 485 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10022 | Phone: +1-212-365-5000 (

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