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Below-the-belt foods boosting men’s sexual health

There are foods for promoting muscle mass, foods for a flat belly, and even foods improving brain health. Here’s a new one to add to this list – foods for boosting men’s sexual health. From fertility friendly-foods to supercharged foods for enhancing libido to prostate health-promoting foods, these foods are a man’s best friend for all things below the belt.

Men wanting to keep their sexual health alive and well as long as possible will be wise to add these foods to their daily diet. When consumed regularly, along with consistent exercise, not smoking, adequate sleep, and reducing stress, feeding and fueling their bodies with nutritious foods is a holistic approach for maintaining male sexual functioning.

To learn more about optimizing sexual health and functioning with healthy foods, here is a list of foods that science says is best for all areas of men’s sexual health:

Penis Health – Spinach and Coffee

Spinach: Male sexual functioning begins with the penis.  When the penis is not performing as expected, sexual activities will fizzle quickly in the bedroom. This is why spinach is perfect for penis health. This leafy green is a potent source of B vitamin, folate, known for boosting blood flow. Achieving an erection requires good blood flow making folate a critical player in male sexual functioning.  Deficiencies in folate have been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED) when men are unable to achieve or maintain an erection. That’s why adding one cup of spinach several times a week either in a salad or cooked, provides up to 66 percent of a man’s daily requirement. folate. Besides folate, spinach also is a good source of magnesium, helping stimulate blood flow and boosting testosterone levels.

Coffee: Drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day is a great start for sexual health. Thanks to its potent caffeine content, coffee has been shown to improve blood flow helping relax penile arteries for promoting stronger erections and reducing ED.

Sperm Health – Walnuts and Carrots

Walnuts: According to a study from UCLA funded by the California Walnut Commission, walnuts may improve sperm quality in younger men. Men, ages 21 to 35, who consumed about 2.5 ounces of walnuts a day for 12 weeks, had improvements in sperm motility and appearance, along with a greater percentage of live sperm and fewer sperm cell chromosome abnormalities.  A control group of men who ate no walnuts did not show any improvements.

The reason for walnuts’ sperm power appears to be due to alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fat found in walnuts.  Other sources of this type of fat can also be found in canola oil and flaxseeds and may have similar benefits.

Carrots: If the sperm count is a concern, carrots may be one solution. Studies have found that the pigment called carotenoids found in carrots (giving carrots their characteristic bright orange color), may possibly improve a man’s sperm count but also the swimming ability or motility of sperm as they fight their way to be the first to fertilize the ovum.

Sexual Health – Avocados, Chili Peppers, and Eggs

Avocados: Men having a hard time getting in the mood for sex should consider eating more avocados. This fruit is an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fat, potassium, vitamin E, and zinc, all good for enhancing libido. But its vitamin E and zinc that shine in particular for increasing sexual desire. That’s because research suggests that vitamin E may improve sperm quality while zinc may increase levels of free testosterone in men.

Chili Peppers: Men wanting to make their sex life “hot” again should consider spicing things up with chili peppers. Thanks to a chemical compound called capsaicin found in this spice, capsaicin triggers the release of endorphins, known as the “feel-good” hormone increasing libido. Studies also show that men who consume more spicy foods in general have higher-than-average testosterone levels also contributing to desire for bedroom activities.

Eggs: Considered a complete protein food, eggs may also be a man’s best friend for having earth-shattering orgasms. The secret compound for orgasm enhancement found in eggs is choline. Choline triggers the production of nitric oxide (NO) increasing blood flow to the penis while also promotes a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine associated with more intense and longer orgasms. An egg or two a day could make a meaningful difference in a man’s sex life.

Prostate Health – Apples and Tomatoes

Apples: Apples may not come to mind when thinking of prostate health-promoting foods but this popular fruit contains a potent compound – particularly apple peels.  The compound is called ursolic acid and studies have found this chemical to “starve” the growth of prostate cancer cells stopping them in their tracks. Other foods with similar effects of helping beat back prostate cancer include grapes, berries, and turmeric.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes have the distinction of possibly preventing prostate cancer thanks to a carotenoid with antioxidant properties called lycopene. But the best way for men to get the biggest bang for their buck is to consume cooked or canned tomatoes which have a superior advantage over fresh. The advantage is that lycopene’s absorption or bioavailability is enhanced if the tomatoes have been heated. Heat facilitates the separation of lycopene from the carrier proteins, making it easier for the body to absorb them.

A 2003 study found that high intakes of tomato-based products were associated with a 10% to 20% decrease in prostate cancer. Many epidemiological studies have also linked increased lycopene consumption with decreased prostate cancer risk.  The reason lycopene has favorable properties towards protecting men from prostate cancer is it enhances the antioxidant response of prostate cells; inhibits proliferation of prostate cancer cells; induces apoptosis which is a natural process that eliminates damaged, unneeded or dangerous cells from the body; and decreases the spread of prostate cancer cells.

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