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3 Ways To Improve The Health Of The Man In Your Life

“This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, without a woman or a girl.” James Brown really did say it best, and let’s be honest with ourselves, this world really would be nothing without the girlfriends, wives, mothers and daughters in every man’s life. They are the motivation, inspiration, and driving force behind the major life decisions each man faces on a daily basis. They are probably the only reasons things ever get done.

DID YOU KNOW? Women go to the doctor four times more frequently than men

Have you ever sat in a waiting room at a doctor’s office and saw a man sitting there by himself? The answer is probably no, because the only reason he is there is thanks to the woman sitting next to him. We all know this is the same man that refuses to put a Band-Aid on his cut. This is the same man that will say, “I’m fine”, “I’ll tough it out”, or “I’m just going to shake it off” even if he had a broken leg. When a man is extremely sick, it’s still rare that he will take himself to the doctors so clearly men won’t be found going for prevention. That’s why it’s up to you, the women. Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi, says, “Women are the most proactive healthcare champions in the family and are the driving force in men’s health. Time and again, it’s women who make the final push for their husbands, fathers, and brothers to come see me.” A woman’s role in her man’s life has never been so important than it is now. By simply getting him to the doctor and making sure he gets his PSA checked, she could literally save his life.

DID YOU KNOW? Prostate Cancer in Men is just as common as Breast Cancer in Women

  1. Can you say PSA?

A quick and easy test that gives you possibly the most important numbers you’ll ever need to know. “It is the numbers that save lives. Know those numbers and what those numbers mean. Understand that symptoms do not need to present for cancer to be present” says Dr. David Samadi. Wait, did he just say no symptoms? That’s right. Getting the PSA and learning those numbers may be, and usually is, the only way to really know if prostate cancer is present. By locating cancer in its early stages, its increases the chances of being cured and continuing to live a long and healthy life.

Help your man and the men of your friends by taking the Samadi Challenge!


Take the #SamadiChallenge Today, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Get your man to the doctor
  2. Make sure he gets his PSA checked
  3. Challenge 3 of your friends to do the same

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DID YOU KNOW? In 2015 over 132,000 people are predicted to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer

  1. The Ultimate Cleanse

Sometimes you have to take a deeper look to really get to the bottom of things. Getting your man to go through a commonly known screening method called a colonoscopy will help make your man feel like new. During this procedure, the doctor can see and remove polyps or cancer before it spreads. Once the colon is “cleaned,” it won’t be for several years until the need to have another colonoscopy. To help lower the risk of colorectal cancer, doctors suggest increasing fruit and vegetable intake, reducing alcohol, eliminating smoking, and having at least 30 min of activity five days a week.


DID YOU KNOW? More than 1 million Americans have heart attacks every year, and almost half die.

  1. Don’t Stop the Beat

There’s nothing quite like that chill that runs through your body when your doctor puts that cold metal stethoscope to your skin for the first time. But it’s necessary.

Hearing and checking for that beautiful “lub dub” sound helps a doctor to evaluate your heart rate, heart/valve functions, and that internal beat that we all know. This along with measuring blood pressure, blood tests, and physical exams can tell a doctor a lot about the condition of your heart and if there any risks to be concerned about. After all, I’m sure your man can take a little chill.

Prevention is the best treatment. So ladies, here it is, its up to you. Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, father, brother, or uncle, just get them to the doctor.

Dr. David Samadi | Robotic Prostate Surgeon


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